chanda rubin leaning into a backhand shot, tightly cropped from mid thigh, body enters horizontal photo from extreme left and racquet extends to the upper right corner with slight blur to indicate motion in black and white
  Chanda Rubin, New York 1996    

(Text current as of November 4,2003.)  Currently ranked No. 10 on the woman's pro tennis tour, Chanda Rubin, from the United States ison of only a few players to have beaten Serena Williams in the last 16 months, pulling the upset in the quarterfinals at Manhattan Beach, California, in August, 2002.  She then beat Lindsay Davenport to win that title. Rubin had left knee surgery in January 2002. At the U.S. Open, Rubin twice came within a point of serving for the match against Venus Williams.  More Chanda.




Steve Landis designed this shot as a horizontal image to be used as a double page spread.  For the shot Steve chose to use a wide angle lens to get in close to the action and make the composition more dynamic.  The trick was to get just enough blur on the hand and racquet in order to keep the feeling of motion  fluid.  Kodak tri-x film processed normally at Lab One, New York. 

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