Ujjwala Raut on location in New  York photographed by Steve Landis
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  Ujjwala Raut, New York,  June 12, 2000    

UJJWALA RAUT was chosen by photographer Steve Landis for this photo session, "because of her uncommon beauty."  Make-up by Candace Mooney.  Ujjwala wound up using one of the shots from this shoot as the front of her New York comp card.

Steve Landis has often recognized star potential early on in a model or actors career.  He immediately saw in Ujjwala "a huge talent for the camera and the runway."  Landis has been an early positive influence in the careers of many top models including shooting the first cover of Cindy Crawford and early covers with Linda Evangelista.

Ujjwala was recently chosen by Yves Saint Laurent creative director Tom Ford to be the face of YSL cosmetics for 2004.  Nice.

Photographer Steve Landis has photographed over 50 covers for a variety of leading international fashion magazines.




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