Photograph of Florence Griffith Joyner's legs wearing a red leotard of her own design, by celebrity portrait photographer Steve Landis shot originally for Riva magazine.
  Florence Griffith—Joyner's legs      
  El Matador Beach,      
  Malibu, CA   1988      

The legs that won the gold.  Flo Jo quickly became identifiable by the leotards she wore, one leg covered, one leg bare.  After her blazing speed, Florence Griffith Joyner became well know for the outfits she wore on the track, which she designed by cutting away a leg, a true example of street fashion created by one individual.  In my humble opinion she was truly a modern woman, mixing her own sense of style, grace and superior athleticism into an incredible career.  Photographed exactly one month before winning her first gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea Flo—Jo posed for this cover story for British weekly RIVA. 

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