A younger Steve Landis at Independence Hall    
  Philadelphia, July 6, 1976


About the photographer . . .


Formerly specializing in fashion and celebrity photography, Bucks County native photographer Steve Landis, now concentrates his talents on shooting weddings, corporate events and artistic portrait photography.
Creating an easy going atmosphere, while providing stylish, clean images are hallmarks of Landis' work.

From rock to frocks, to the true rock

While studying business and film production in college, Landis was given one of his first major assignments by NEWSWEEK, to photograph the poet/singer Patti Smith, coinciding with the release of her debut rock album, "Horses."  A photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin was published by NEWSWEEK shortly thereafter, while Landis was still 18.  A portrait session with Pulitzer prize winning author James A. Michener, shot at Michener's Bucks County farm published in TIME and later on in the NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW was another highlight in this early period.  The following spring, Paul Newman made a particularly strong impression on Landis.  "When confronted with someone of Newman's stature you suddenly understand the difference between greatness and everyone else.  Newman is humble, interested in the world around him and still a very private person.  If you don't invade his space, he will respect you.  I was fortunate to photograph Paul a number of times over a period of six months.   He was always the gentleman, even to a young kid like me.”

Rock stars, entertainers, and politicians were mostly what Landis found himself photographing for the next couple of years, for an array of well known national publications including PEOPLE, US, and DANCE Magazine. While finding photojournalistic work interesting and challenging, his real interest lay in photographing fashion and working with models.  So in 1978 he moved to New York.  Early fashion clients included designer Norma Kamali, with her sweats campaign launch, GLAMOUR, COSMOPOLITAN, and W magazines. Several years later, in order to further his career, he moved again, this time to Paris.

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