Yitzak Rabin at the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia
  Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel    
  at the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia    
  NEWSWEEK, February 9, 1976 issue    

Prime Minister Rabin of Israel was the first head of state to visit the United States during the Bicentennial Year celebration of 1976.  His first stop, which was largely ceremonial, was Philadelphia, where he viewed the American symbol of freedom, the Liberty Bell.  After a day of appearances in Philadelphia, Rabin would later continue his visit to Washington and then New York before returning to Israel.  Read the last speach given by Rabin.

This was my first nationally and internationally published photograph in a major magazine which included my photo credit attached.  It was the only photo of Rabin during that official visit to the states that NEWSWEEK published, period.  It was a huge accomplishment in my young life.  I was 18 years old.  I had made all my own contacts at the magazines and knew no one in the business prior to that.  I shot the assingment on an off day from college, which I was attending full time.  I had shot another assignment for NEWSWEEK about 6 weeks prior to this shoot, but photos from that series were not immediately published.





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