Steve Landis, (above left) model and actor Collin Egglesfield, and the late, über agent Roger La Rose (right) at an industry event in 1998.


By the age of 25, he had achieved one of his major goals, "to work for British VOGUE."

After moving to Paris, Landis relates that "Grace Coddington and Liz Tilberus gave me the chance of a lifetime, the chance I was waiting for, shooting editorial fashion stories for what I considered the best fashion magazine in the world, British VOGUE."

"Casting and shooting Cindy Crawford's first cover was memorable."

In Paris, Steve Landis seized the opportunity to hire the 18 year old Crawford for a beauty story for the French magazine 20ANS.   By taking her with him to the magazine's offices he convinced the editors to also let him do a cover try with her.  He relates, "Cindy Crawford was incredibly photogenic. She also had no idea that she would become this major star."

". . . a keen eye for talent" was not a new observation for art directors to make.

Several weeks before shooting the Crawford cover, Landis had also recommended and hired the newly arrived Linda Evangelista, for a shoot in London with British VOGUE. "Linda had also just come to Paris. I met her through her agency Elite. She was fabulous and fun, and great to work with," Landis adds.

". . . stars are just like you and me, only more famous.

The great ones, like Paul Newman (whom I've had the privilege of photographing several times) are interesting, have strong presence, yet are still humble, kind, normal and without pretense.  It's the wannabe's who are difficult, not the stars." 

The foundation rock, Yeshua

By the end of 2003, Steve Landis had turned his attention away from the highly charged New York/Paris fashion scene, as he more fully embraced the Jewish messiah Yeshua, (Jesus), and moved to a small town in southeastern Pennsylvania.

"It has been a period of over ten years since I first felt God's tangible love and presence, which happened to be the day my earthly father died. Even as I had been doing what many would consider one of the most exciting jobs in the world, as an internationally published fashion and cover photographer I knew that there must be something more. I had started to observe God's supernatural power working in others lives around me, and so I finally asked God if he would become more real to me. He did. As I was mourning my fathers passing, I felt this incredible blanket of warm love cover my entire body from head to toe. I'd never felt anything like it before or since to that magnitude. I knew it was the Holy Spirit of God visiting me in my bedroom giving me comfort. In fact the Bible teaches that He is our comforter. Wow! It was undeniable and powerful. So not only did I believe that Yeshua is who the Bible says he is, but I now know and have evidence of his power and grace and have made him the Lord of my life.

My life has never been the same. I am happier than ever before. I love doing photography, but it is no longer an idol to me. Women are no longer idols to me. In the fashion world many worship beauty and youth, I no longer do. I worship the creator of beauty and all things, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Darwin, evolution, human secularism, you can have them all if. None of them ever did anything for me. Yeshua does, he is living and active in the lives of those who will seek him and honor him.  He gave his life as a sacrifice for me and all humanity that will receive his offering. I do my best to love as Yeshua did. He is my example. I don't care about religion. But I do love God. Religion didn't do it for me, in fact I searched for many years trying to find truth. When I realized that Yeshua's (Jesus's) life was truth and righteousness personified, I reconsidered and accepted His offer. This is what I want to model, Yeshua's example not man's religious trappings.  I made a conscious decision to forgive past hurts, and repent of my misdeeds and sins. Then I began the journey of walking with God through Yeshua's atonement and began to receive more of God's grace and blessings.

The life I have now is amazing. I hope you enjoy my website. Please feel free to contact me via email below.  I have many photographs from different times of my career to look at.  But "fashion photographer" is no longer my identity. It is only testimony to the fact that I've changed radically and that previous life has no hold on me, and that true satisfaction is not based on fame, money, or worldly achievement. Happiness is founded on the rock of salvation, Yeshua the Messiah the only way to the Father.  I hope God will bless you deeply."



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