Steve Landis with his daschound, Milo. New York Studio, February 2004    


I would like to acknowledge the following for their encouragement and inspiration early on in my career, without whom, much of this work would not have been possible:

To God the Father belongs all the glory, and to his Son, Yeshua of Nazareth, the Messiah, (Jesus Christ), who is the light of the world, and through Him and through the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) all things are possible and made new in His love.
My uncle Bob Breon, who first sparked my interest in taking pictures, although I didn't realize it at the time;
Jack Nochton and the guys (Eddie & John) at VIP Color, Bethlehem, PA, who told me at age 16 to go see the magazines in NY;
Bob Gucionne, Jr. who gave me some of my first assignments;
Gar Lillard, a true gentleman and artist whose lab Lab One (thanks Zara, Liz, George, Laura and John) has done virtually all of my black and white work for the past 20 years;
Jean Pagliuso and Hans Pelgrom, two great fashion photographers, for both hiring me as an assistant way back when..
Robin Bernstein, for giving me my first fashion assignment at COSMOPOLITAN;
Claudia Bernstein, who became one of my dearest and most loyal early clients;
Monique Pillard, for her early help and friendship at Elite;
Michael Mazzi and Leland Hirsch, for having faith in a young 23 year old to shoot their VOGUE ads;
Jonathan, who taught me everything about fashion;
Etta Frorio, at W and WWD, for her early support;
Ben Brantly, with whom I did my very first WWD job;
Bonnie Hurowitz-Fuller, at WWD and then ed-in-chief @FLARE for her support and loyalty;
John Duka and Jorden Shapps, who liked my movement style;
Norma Kamali, for choosing me, and allowing me to shoot my movement pictures, for the launch of her groundbreaking sweats line campaign;
Marty Sadofsky, for his generosity and kindness.
Special thank to everyone at British VOGUE, but especially:
Grace Coddington, who gave me the biggest break of my career;
Liz Tilberus, for her kindness and enthusiasm; May God bless her soul and her family.
Sheila Whetton, a joy to work with who had a great sense of life and perspective;
John Hind, gentle and kind, a wonderful designer and art director;
Juliet Hughes Hallet and Philippa Gimlet; two of my editors that I loved working with;
Mandy Clapperton and Debbie Bee, two of my staunchest early supporters, I can't begin to thank them enough;
Patrick McCarthy, brilliant and witty, allowing me to do good things for W and WWD
Jane Pendry, Patrick's fabulous English assistant, who was just wonderful;
Enna Halie, my favorite stylist during my Paris sojourn, and for her friendship;

I'd also like to thank the following for their collaboration and artistry throughout the years:

Philippe Saloman
Matthew Williams
Alphonse Weibelt
Phophie Mathiss
Susan Giordano
Kevin Auqoin
Peter Brown
Ian Jeffries
Barbara Sansone
Simon Marsdon
Bruce Libre
Serge Martin
Martin Foscalder
Odile Gilbert
Michael Tammaro
Tom Priano
Bobbi Brown
Travis Marszalek
Mark Hayles
Nickey Clarke

Carlos Marin
Laura Mohberg
Dee Pool
Erika Hade
Candace Mooney
Sean James Decuers

And these important friends who helped immeasurably along the way;

Barry Secular
Tully Rector
Andie MacDowell
Andrew Williams
Tony Cala
Eva Delorme
Robert Lambert
Freddy Lopez
Gil Brenton
Marc Christine
Bill Kimmey
Stevie Sabloff
George Becker
Richard Groman
Stanton Groman
Clare Hoak
Jennifer Sessler
Kauila Barber
Bill Parrott
William Walker
David Lifson
Dr. Jay Handt
Peter Strongwater
Ozzie Brown
Greg Timpone
Joe Barna
Lisa Watkins








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