late afternoon sunlit photo of Amanda Pays in Donna Karan red strapless dress with black off the shoulder cape standing in front of lush deep green yucca cactus  fronds in a photograph by celebrity and fashion photographer Steve Landis.
  Amanda Pays , Los Angeles 1988    

Amanda Pays was photographed near her home in the Hollywood Hills in late August 1988, wearing an dress with cape by Donna Karin for the British magazine RIVA.   Daryl Bender did the wardrobe styling.  "I needed her to wear this dress", says Landis. "Since I had the photograph already composed in my head, I wanted just a touch of red to contrast with the natural foliage around her."   It took Landis and Bender a long time to convince Pays to put the dress on.  "In the mean time I shot her in black and white, in some other clothes.   I was also killing time in a sense, waiting for the perfect light for the foliage shot.  For some reason she refused.  She saw herself a certain way and was blocked to try it.  Finally she gave in, tried it on and decided she loved it."   Amanda wore this same dress less than a week later to the Emmy Awards Ceremony.  Cochise Silvercloud did her hair and make-up.

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