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Interview with Steve Landis

  Calcutta Times , The Times of India, August 6, 2006

Questions by Dipannita Ghosh Biswas


The story above appeared on the opening page of the Sunday Calcutta Times section, (page 25 overall), of the Times of India newspaper on August 6, 2006.

"It was interesting to me that the headline quote they chose from me, mentions God, and also the blurb/preview of a page 5 story about a famous Indian actor, also talks about his relationship with God." - Steve




To read the full unedited interview with photographer Steve Landis and see a new photo of Steve and his dog, Milo, click here.

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About the photographer.. Steve Landis shoots fashion and beauty imagery.  New York based, Steve Landis specializes in artistic portrait photography of celebrities, covers and editorial pages for leading international magazines. Creating simple but powerful images are trademarks of Landis' work.




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